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Cover Story |  Volume 6 - Issue 1  |  January 2011

Maximizing ROI

Better ways to run your lab like a business


Business Management

Maximizing ROI

By using metrics effectively, laboratory managers can better focus their R&D efforts and be more effective in improving their firms' sales and profitability. This is essential, now more than ever, given the slow recovery from the "Great Recession."

The Devil in the Details

Laboratory benchmarking entails comparing the quality of one lab to measures taken from a range of other laboratories, or from the standard bearers. Its the details involved in the benchmarking process, however, that can be maddening.

Leadership and Staffing

Good Leaders, Good Actors

Good leaders need to be proficient in whats called situational leadership. Plain and simple, situational leadership means having the skills and understanding to assess the scenario youre facing and manage it with the right leadership style.

Lab Manager Academy: Why All-Star Teams Fail

Four Key Strategies to Getting Everyone to Play Nice in the Sandbox.

Laboratory Technology

Automating Science

We have moved past the point where general computer, word processing, and spreadsheet skills are a reasonable basis for competence in a modern laboratory.

Robots to the Rescue

By making the transition from a manual to an automated process, Syngenta Biotechnology Inc. gained more than they hoped for. The robotic solution automated a tedious manual process as well as allowed SBI scientists to extract more information from the data being collected.

Mind Map for Increasing GC Output

This Mind Map outlines some thought processes designed to help identify potential performance-enhancing changes.

Technology News Floor-standing Re-circulating Chillers

Provide a temperature range of 5 to 30 °C and a cooling capacity from 700 to 2,000 W Feature 24 different configurations, so users can tailor a system to their specific needs.

January 2011 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.

Technology News Environmental Humidity Chamber

Incorporates an air-jacket design that evenly disperses air within the walls to maintain uniformity and ensure proper insulation.

Technology News Downflow Workstation

DWS Range Operates at low noise levels; does not exhaust expensive conditioned/heated air into the atmosphere.

Technology News Centrifuge for Blood Banking and Bioprocessing

Features a maximum capacity of 12 L Accumulated Centrifugal Effect™ (ACE) function that automatically compensates for any variations in acceleration.

Technology News Chilling/Heating Incubators

Peltier-based with no compressors or CFCs IN35 has a capacity of 27.5 L and IN45 has a capacity of 55 L.

Technology News Viscometer

Features automatic chip recognition and closed-loop temperature control.

Technology News CO2 Incubator

Steri-Cycle In-chamber HEPA air filtration system filters the chamber volume every 60 seconds and reaches Class 100 air conditions within 5 minutes following a routine door opening.

Lab Product

Evolution of the Clean Room

Although the principles of clean room design go back more than 150 years to the beginning of bacterial control in hospitals, the clean room itself is a relatively modern development.

Product Focus

Reducing, Distilling, Recycling , and Concentration.

Rotary evaporators have for decades been staples in labs and industries performing chemistry, including labs in the chemical, environmental, materials, life science and forensics industries

Product Focus: TOC Analyzers

Quantifying Organics Through Oxidation, Detection

Product Focus: Microscopes

Illuminating the Micro and Nano Worlds

Product Focus: Automated Liquid Handling

Product Focus: Automated Liquid Handling

Automated liquid handlers (ALHs) are one of the truly enabling technologies of modern life sciences, particularly in medical testing, biological research, and high high-throughput screening.

Product Focus: Laboratory Power Supplies

Power supplies provide steady, precisely controlled electrical energy to electronic equipment.

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert: How to Automate Your Lab to Best Fit Your Needs

Marc Ferrer, Ph.D., Team Leader at the Chemical Genomics Center, which is part of the National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health discusses the need for automation in various laboratory settings.

Lab Health and Safety

Deciphering MSDS

A good system for chemical management begins with a complete inventory of the laboratory's chemicals and a material safety data sheet (MSDS) collection for those materials.

Lab Safety Audits Exposed

A summary of recommendations based on audit and inspection reports, along with some general lab safety recommendations, provide a broad overview of the types of issues raised during safety consultations.

Research-Specific Labs

Perspective On: A Biotech Lab

John Tomich, director of Kansas State Universitys Biotechnology/Proteomics Core Lab, not only provides services to plant and animals researchers on campus and industry, but also offers his lab as a teaching tool for students in the field.

How it Works

How Real-Time Monitoring of Pipetting Processes Works

Automation solutions offer a great alternative to laborintensive manual processes. Liquid handling automation eliminates human errors and process inconsistencies over extended periods of time, resulting in an increased robustness compared to manual processes.


How an Automated Liquid Handling System Works

Popular 96- and 384-well microplate-based applications are often not ideally suited for manual pipetting methods. Although readily available in most laboratories, manual pipette use in these formats is neither efficient nor consistent.

How it Works: Automated Purification of Nucleic Acids and Proteins

Until the mid-1980s, purification of nucleic acids was traditionally performed by phenol-chloroform extraction and alcohol precipitation, which involved tedious manual tasks with toxic substances. This approach was soon replaced by the introduction of spin-column technology.

Purchasing Guides

Lab Manager Magazine's Independent Guide to Purchasing an Optical Laboratory Microscope

Microscopes have been used by scientists for centuries, and are now more widely relied upon than ever.